Chairman’s Message

Change is the only constant, it is said. All sustained growth and life comes from changing and adapting to new situations, new challenges and new possibilities.

Based on this fundamental, seaPearls has moved through monumental stages from its inception, growth and expansion. Today the group is expanding into global markets; and with a clear vision and a dynamic team, seaPearls has managed to be one of the top jewellers in Oman.

We have always strived to bring something different than what the market has to offer, to surprise people. Our acclaimed designs are inspired by the Fashion World in its multifaceted directions. It’s a unique and original approach to the vast creative realm, producing treasures that combine elegance and versatility along with a casual style and glamour appeal.

We owe our success to the creative pool of professionals who are the cornerstone of all that we have achieved to date, and the foundation on which we will build and continue to grow.

I would like to personally thank every member of the seaPearls team for their commitment and enthusiasm, as well as all our partners and associates for their support, which we continue to count on as we forge ahead.

Sheikh Dr. Salim Said Hamad Al Fannah Al Araimi
Chairman – seaPearls LLC